heat cutter for tubular net material
CUTEX TBC 50LH - Hot Coil



The automatic cutting machine CUTEX TBC50LH-Hot Coil is useful whenever tubular net material is cut (e.g. transport protection or cable guard). When cutting synthetic net material it is necessary to weld the cutting edge in order to prevent the material from fraying. Having increasing labor expenses in mind, it is also necessary to automate the cutting of tubular net material as well.

TBC50LH-Hot Coil has an automatic material feed system. Depending on the cutting length it is possible to have up to 60-80cuts/min. The cutting is done by a hot coil, which can handle a material width of 70mm maximum. The temperature for the cutting coil can be regulated continuously. This technology allows a cutting of tubular material without having the inner surfaces stuck together. At the same time the cutting edge is straight and neat without any fraying. The cutting machine has a maximum cutting width of 150mm. Additionally, it is possible to cut two material lines parallel, therefore increasing productivity.

It is very simple to set up the machine by entering the cutting length and the quantity. As a result, it is very quick and easy to respond to changes in the final product design. Due to the machine's ease of use, small quantities of tubular net material can be cut. This helps to reduce the stock of pre-cut material. The cutting machine is equipped with a roll holder as well as an integrated auto-stop function in case material runs out. Additionally the cutting machine is set up on a mobile base in order to move it easily.

The CUTEX TBC50LH-Hot Coil is a compact designed automatic cutting machine for hot-cutting of tubular net material. A regular 220V power connection and very little space required make it the perfect size for any production site. Instead of creating a costly specialized system, this machine resembles an extension for the CUTEX portfolio of automated tape cutters. In summation, this machine is especially useful for small and medium size serial productions, where a flexible and automated cutting solution for tubular net material is required.

Technical Details 

cutting knife hot-cutting
max. cutting width 200mm
speed 18-30 cuts/min (1000mm)
range of cutting length 40mm~300meter
weight ca. 86kg
accuracy Cut-length is accurate owing to a stepping motor.
cutting type Cutting is done by a hot wire. Specialized for net or hose material, this cutting technology will prevent the material from sticking together. The hot wire seals the edges with quality precision.
parallel cutting In order to increase productivity, it is possible to cut several strips parallel.
temperature Cutting temperature is regulated by an external voltage regulator.
automatic It works automatically only by setting length and quantity.
auto-stop It stops automatically if materials run out during operation.
memory Set-length, set-quantity & set-speed are not erased even if power is turned off & on.
other Shipment includes a roll holder.



  • heat cutter for tubular net material like net hoses for transportation guard
  • cutting and edge sealing is done by hot wire
  • for woven label with cutting mark
  • material does not stick together
  • adjustable cutting temperature
  • max. cutting width: 150mm
  • set up on movable base

Test Material

In order to check the cutting result with our customers material, we offer to do cutting trials.

For testing please send a sufficient quantity of your material. If you have any special requirements, please let us know.

After testing your material, you will receive back the results with a detailed report.

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