automatic strip cutter hot & cold

Heissschneider HC 530


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Technical Details 

cutting knife hot cutting (400-600°C)
cold cutting
max. cutting width 100mm (hot and cold knife)
speed max. 18- 30 cuts/min (1000mm)
range of cutting length 40mm~300meter
weight ca. 46kg
tolerance The stepping motor ensures a precise cutting length. Since upper and lower feeding roll are gear driven, an optimal material feed can be achieved.
cutting type Because the hot knife melts the end of the tape, cutting is sealed neatly without any fraying. The very high cutting temperature of up to 600°C ensures a clean cut. For difficult materials the hot cutting knife may do a multiple stroke. For a cold cut, the knife unit can be changed easily.
parallel cut In order to increase productivity, it is possible to cut several strips parallel
temperature Cutting temperature can be set via an electronic control panel. Temperature is regulated by a temperature control unit.
automatic operation Device works automatically by setting length and quantity.
auto-stop Device stops automatically if materials run out during operation. After stopping the machine gives an acustic signal.
memory Set-length, set-quantity & set-speed are not erased even if power is turned off & on.
multiple knife stroke In order to achieve a better cutting result, it is possible to have multiple knife strokes
other shipment includes a roll holder
optional stable steel stand with storage bin



  • extra strong heat cutter
  • hot & cold knife unit (exchangable)
  • e.g. for seat belt, velcro etc.
  • cutting and sealing in one step
  • very high cutting temperature (max 600°C)
  • powerful material feed (upper and lower feed)
  • max. cutting width 100mm

Test Material

In order to check the cutting result with our customers material, we offer to do cutting trials.

For testing please send a sufficient quantity of your material. If you have any special requirements, please let us know.

After testing your material, you will receive back the results with a detailed report.

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